Monday, September 18, 2006

Mister Jalopy's Pocket Guide to Life & Death with Modest Automobiles ($1, PDF)

My friend Mister Jalopy of Hooptyrides knows a great deal about older cars, and he knows how to explain the way they work to people like me, who consider the stuff that goes on under a car's hood to be scary and utterly mysterious.

Mister Jalopy has condensed a lifetime of experience working with used cars into a single page PDF document called Mister Jalopy's Pocket Guide to Life & Death with Modest Automobiles. It's truly the best thing I've ever read about cars, and if you are considering buying a used car, then the $1 you'll pay for this downloadable document will pay for itself a thousand-fold. Even if you aren't interested in buying a car, you will undoubtedly enjoy reading this super-dense document, loaded with hard-won wisdom.

Here are just a few of the testimonials that happy readers have sent in:

I just wanted to let you know this was the best $1 I've ever spent.
Even though I swore off project cars 2 years ago reading this has me
teetering on the edge of the wagon. Your words evoke memories of
sights, sounds and smells that are only found under the hood.
-- Dom

Having been a fan of modest automobiles all of my driving life,
and having laid my dirty little mitts on no less than 30 various and sundry
questionable vehicles over the last 15 years, I bought your guide for the
fun of it. A lot of good stuff in there that every old car beginner should
know, and valuable lessons that even "old timers" need driven home. It's
not worth saving the very low cost of a portable tool kit to end up in the
middle of a freeway merge lane trying to repair a bad vacuum leak with no
tools. Ask me how I know.
-- David Culberson

Thank you for Mister Jalopy's Guide to Life and Death with Modest
Automobiles. My payment will move you one step closer to buying your own hippo
place settings
In exchange, your advice will be tucked away in all of my modest automobiles
as an operating manual. It will help keep that paragon of luxuty, my 1966
Cadillac, on the road and cheerful.
-- Keith of


Dave said...

it'd be nice to know how big this doc actually is--page count, or word count, or something

The four of us at Boing Boing said...

It is one page long. Thanks -- Mark

Alex said...

Welcome to the blogger blogs of note list.

Wino said...

This is good value for a dollar I find. A dollar well spent. Thanks.

Paul said...

Alright, that is pretty awesome. Well worth the dollar.

LabMonkey said...

Oooh... no DRM... its like buying things from the iTunes store, but without the romantic morning in the prison shower feeling...